Friday, 5 November 2010

3 Days Introduction to Hairstyling @ Jemma Kidd Make-up School

In the current climate of budget-conscious photoshoots, hair styling has become a vital skill for all aspiring professional make-up artists hoping to secure their next job. The new 3 DAY INTRODUCTION TO HAIR STYLING course at Jemma Kidd Make Up School has been designed with freelance make-up artists in mind, offering key 'survival skills' for effective hair styling on shoots. Build your confidence in working with hair and empower yourself to deliver great results fast.

* The role of the session stylist
* Hair sectioning
* Understanding different face shapes
* Blow drying hair techniques: volume, flicks and waves
* Bridal hair styling
* Use of the flat iron to create straight styles, flicks and curls
* Use of curling tongs to create curls, waves and movement
* Hair-up techniques: french twist, buns, french plait
* Vintage hairstyles: 1920's finger waves, 1940’s Hollywood waves, 1960’s beehive
* Achieving longer hair with clip-in extensions
* Working with tools and products

Next course runs from Monday 17th January to Wednesday 19th January 2010.

Places are limited so BOOK NOW:
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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Harper's Baazar Editorial

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

3 Days Introduction to Hairstyling @ Jemma Kidd Make-up School

Hairstyling has become a vital skill for Make-up artists, this course has been designed with a freelance hair and make-up artist mind offering vital skills to build your hair confidence and empower yourself to deliver great results fast

Course covers:

◾ The role of Session Stylist
◾ Session stylist kit
◾ Working with different face shapes
◾ Product selection, preparation and setting the hair for different hair styles
◾ Blow-drying techniques to create volume,flicks and movement
◾ Flat iron; how to straighten, create flicks and curls
◾ Curling tongs; how to create different curls
Bridal hairstyling;
◾ Classic hair-up techniques: French twist, Beehive, Buns, Rolls and Fashion ponytail
◾ Braiding
◾ Vintage styles: 1920's finger waves, 1930's Marcel waves, 1940's Hollywood waves
◾ Clip-in hair extensions; achieve long and full styles in minutes.

Dates available:

Wednesday 1st September - Friday 3rd September 2010
Monday 6th December - Wednesday 8th December 2010
Monday 17th January - Wednesday 19th January 2010

Cost: £600

This intense 3 Days course has been carefully structured and designed by the Jemma Kidd Pro Team to ensure you learn the key principles of the subject in a short timescale. You will naturally require additional practice time off site to implement the principle skills learned, and allow experiential growth and confidence. Following the course you will be able to continue your practice time at home with the key skills learned and without payment for your ongoing education. This consideration has been repeatedly welcomed by our students.


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